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Hannah Hempenstall | Coach, Healer and Meditation Teacher

Hannah Hempenstall

Coach, Healer and Meditation Teacher
“Hannah is a coach, healer and meditation teacher with a 25-year track record in magazine publishing. She works with people who are feeling lost, disconnected, overwhelmed and uninspired.”

I’m a coach, healer and meditation teacher with a 25-year track record in magazine publishing. I’ve held senior positions on iconic magazines including Copy Director of Marie Claire and Women’s Health, and Wellness Editor at Who.

I’ve interviewed celebrities, sat on steering committees and presented launch projects to an international board of directors. In other words, I come from a corporate-creative background. I know what it’s like to be in a high-pressured role juggling life, emotions, deadlines and interpersonal relationships.

In my healing practice I’ve coached and provided massage, reflexology and Reiki for professional AFL and netball players, magazine editors, international journalists, art directors, hairdressers, real estate agents, government consultants, entrepreneurs and more. I’ve also worked with people with multiple sclerosis, leukodystrophy, cancer, anxiety, depression, chronic stress and persons with mental and physical disability.

The combination of my professional media background with 20+ years healing experience provides an intelligent, mindful and nurturing space for people who seek clarity and healing.

I look forward to meeting you!


I’ve never met a pair of feet I didn’t love! The entire body is reflected in the feet and when you receive a reflexology session you’ll feel every part of you is being soothed. Reflexology is proven to help reduce stress, lower heart rate and blood pressure and serves a way to help the body detox by inducing a deep state of relaxation.

All the organs are worked on intentionally through the reflex zones of the feet and I massage every toe, the side, the sole and the top of the feet in a soothing, loving way. You’ll leave feeling like you’re walking on clouds!


Reiki is a system of Universal Energy that travels wherever healing is required. It can be performed as a hands-on treatment (fully clothed), or via distance healing. When people receive Reiki they can feel a whole bunch of different things: tingling, coolness, buzzing or heat. It’s usual to feel deeply relaxed during and after a treatment. Reiki is a gentle energy that works on all levels from the emotional, physical and the higher and lower mental bodies, right through to your Soul.

Some of my Reiki clients have been people with terminal illness.


Life coaching is different to therapy in that it works from a positive, future-focused position. What that means is it’s a great tool if you’re feeling uninspired or uncertain which direction to take, whether that be in a relationship, your career or life in general.

I bring a very spiritual and holistic vibe to my life coaching sessions so if you’re seeking ways to access greater confidence, would like to understand how to use your intuition, have a problem that you feel doesn’t require therapy but does require a new direction then life coaching can definitely help steer you back on track.


Our brain circuits operate in patterns. Neurological pathways (which manifest as thoughts, habits and behaviours) are formed over time, so it makes sense that once we’re in our 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond, those patterns are well and truly ingrained. A pathway equates to a pattern and this is the realm I work in.

By listening to what you say, I can see, hear and feel the areas that are tripping you up. I’m able to extract those patterns and draw mind maps while you talk so you can see where and how those connections are misfiring. Once we bring those obstacles out of the shadows and into the light you’ll begin to see choices opening up and fresh ideas will ignite inside you. From there, your energy shifts leaving you feeling lighter and more free.

Freedom opens up new neural pathways which can awaken you to solutions you’d previously never thought of. How? Because when we’re locked in a limited mind state our executive brain is compromised. I help you reframe those limitations which reignites your cognitive function so you can think creatively again.

This all happens during our session.


Transformational coaching is a journey and requires time. I’ve found that allowing 1-2 hours works best because then we can go deep. We’re all able to witness the surface but it is within the depths that our patterns reside.

By gently guiding your fears and blocks to the surface I’ll reconnect you with your Wise Advocate (aka your inner wisdom/higher self). You’ll come away feeling not only like a weight has been lifted but that you have accessed a dynamic new level where you feel more confident and clear.


Navigating deep inner change isn’t easy and sometimes working with the mind isn’t enough. That’s why my favourite way to work is to combine all the above into a single session where you get to experience a full mind-body-spirit release.

Once we’ve liberated the mind with life coaching I use bodywork to close a session because I believe it helps to integrate the process. It also gives your psyche time to switch off while you relax and enjoy some hands-on healing. You’ll receive a combination of reflexology, Reiki and intuitive energy healing to help guide you into state of inner peace where the final assimilation can take place.

This is a profound experience that I’ve been cultivating and fine-tuning for over 20 years. Whatever your issues, I’m here to help you find clarity and a peaceful heart. Bring whatever is troubling you and say yes to a mind, body and soul upgrade.

No problem is too big and no change is too small.

Let your heart lead the way.


FIND OUT MORE | [email protected] | 0450 288 244

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