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Angela Simeti

Angela Simeti

SCENAR Therapist, NES Practioner & Beauty and Body Therapist

“Angela is a caring and compassionate person with a passion for helping and supporting others in their journey to optimal health and wellness. Angela provides services in the emerging field of bioenergetics using technology featured on Current Affair and The Doctors Show, effective for chronic and acute pain relief and effective treatment of the body as a whole, powerfully stimulating the body’s healing capacity.”

Angela has experience working with babies, children, adults, the elderly, cats, dogs and horses. Angela offers the following services:

Bio EnergetX WellNES System – Body Field Scan

The BWS scan assesses the body field with custom scanning software, showing a detailed overview of your body field, including multiple screens and physiologically accurate graphics. A scan can pinpoint the distortions and blockages in your emotional/mind/body field in a matter of seconds, giving you clear instructions to support your health starting at the very root.

NES miHealth (featured on The Doctors Show)

Using proven PEMF and biofeedback technology, the T.G.A. approved miHealth device clears pathways for information to flow through the body properly, providing immediate support. In addition, the BWS scanning software tells you exactly how and where to place the miHealth rejuvenating and unblocking energetic distortions throughout the mind and body and assisting in fast and effective pain relief.


Infoceuticals are liquids imprinted with proprietary bio-information designed to correct distortions and imbalances of our body field, helping to restore our bodies to their optimal blueprint. Based on your unique BWS Scan results, they are recommended and interact directly with the body field to support proper information flow. Infoceuticals may stimulate positive shifts in the specific physical and emotional issues you are addressing. Most people notice an immediate sense of wellbeing and vitality. Some people experience more dreams and a greater sense of personal insight.

SCENAR Therapy (featured on Current Affair)

Self-Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulator was invented over 40yrs ago in Russia and is now recognised/used in medical clinics worldwide, used in most doctors, dentists, vets and major hospitals throughout Europe. SCENAR is a T.G.A. approved handheld medical device providing non-invasive, effective treatment of the body as a whole designed to powerfully stimulate the body’s own healing capacity. Clinically proven to assist with fast, effective pain relief, discomfort and functional restoration, mobility ROM, sporting/injuries, respiratory, boost detox and immune defence, disorders and imbalances, anxiety, stress, trauma, headaches, insomnia, ADHD, ASD, anti-ageing and much more. It helps regulate all the systems in the body, promoting overall health in the mind, body and spirit and general wellbeing.

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